Paramount Sales Inc.

Proudly serving the Northern California and Northern Nevada markets. Paramount Sales represents leading product manufacturers in the plumbing and mechanical industries.









Our Trusted Brands…

Building Successful Relationships Since 2006

For over a decade Paramount Sales has represented top manufacturers in the plumbing and mechanical industries. Today we continue to build meaningful relationships with our industry partners across multiple sales channels.

Local Markets

Our knowledge of local markets and access to industry professionals provide cost effective solutions across multiple channels of the built environment.

Product Specialists

We specialize in brand awareness.

We use product demos, counter days, and lunch-and-learn events to educate new customers and keep our existing partners up-to-date.

Customer Support

Customers support businesses that will support them. They tell us what they need and we listen. Our growth depends on it.

Making an Impact

Paramount provides instant access and industry expertise of the northern California and northern Nevada markets.

Long-term relationships, knowledge of the territory, local warehousing, training and product support provide a continuity for manufacturers to reach more customers.

Industry Commitment

Our specialists demonstrate a commitment to the growth of our industry by actively participating in key associations.


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